Resolution for 2015: Get my music out of IODA

3 min readApr 5, 2023

It started with my full songs at Last.FM being reduced to 30 second clips by IODA/DMCA. I had uploaded them myself. My own works. I thought: “This isn’t cool. At all.”

Then I thought, fine, I won’t think about it further.

Then slowly but surely my YouTube videos started getting tagged.

Those videos I had posted myself, of my own music, with full permission from myself. I suddenly didn’t have full permission from myself, because IODA had started administering me for me. Awesome.

But the last straw was Phaeleh listing me as an influence and posting a nice little Spotify playlist with “Close Enough” (off of Wrapping) on it. I started playing the song, only to be shocked beyond measure to realize that THE SONG WAS SKIPPING.

How was this possible?

I immediately downloaded the same song, aggregated through IODA/The Orchard, from iTunes. Thankfully, that song did not skip. Spotify aren’t interested in fixing the issue, and IODA/The Orchard never replied to a single contact email. I tried.

So, well, thanks but no thanks, IODA.


As of August 4th 2015,

I’ve had all my music removed from IODA/The Orchard

and uploaded via CDBaby.

The tracks don’t skip.

The tracks are on Spotify.

The tracks are on iTunes / Apple Music.

The tracks are on Tidal / Deezer, etc..

And they all play a-ok and that is it, no more issues.





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