Changing Skitch Shortcut for History

2 min readMar 30, 2023

Skitch continues to amaze me, especially with it’s iPhoto integration, and the relaxed History view. I decided to go ahead and change “History…”’s default ( CMD-SHIFT-H ) keyboard shortcut to CMD-H. How? Read on.

  1. Open System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> All Applications.
  2. Click on the +.
  3. Select Skitch.
  4. Type “Hide Skitch” onto the Menu Title.
  5. Pick your keyboard shortcut.
  6. Click Add.

You now have CMD-H disconnected from the regular CMD-H functionality. If you were to first set “History…” to CMD-H and then change “Hide Skitch” to Shift-CMD-H, neither would work. It’s a good rule of the thumb to first remove the in-use shortcut, then bind it to something new.

  1. Click on +.
  2. Type “History…” into the Menu Title. As always, match cases and dots with what you see on the Menu Title.
  3. Pick your keyboard shortcut.
  4. Click Add.

After you have verified that Skitch has switched according to the changes, try them out. The changed Menu Titles could look a bit like this:

Remember: Once you know how easy it is to change Keyboard Shortcuts, you’ll keep discovering really wonderful things which certain developers or devteams have not thought to provide shortcuts for. Make them yourself and you are on a completely new path toward customized workflows, which, at best, would knock the socks off the developers if they were to see how their application is being used.




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