Books on Pure Data (PD)

Here’s a little list of books written about Pure Data, which is quite a versatile app for creating various wonky sounds and processing.

  • Loadbang — Programming Electronic Music in Pure Data — Johannes Kreidler (HTML, Direct buy link (Book), free PDF)
  • Programming Sound with Pure Data — Make Your Apps Come Alive with Dynamic Audio — Tony Hillerson (Direct buy link (Book&PDF), Amazon)
  • Designing Sound — Andy Farnell (Amazon)
  • Making Musical Apps — Real-Time Audio Synthesis on Android and iOS (Amazon)
  • Composition: Pure Data as a Meta-Compositional Instrument — Michael Barkl (PDF, Amazon)
  • The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music — Miller Puckette (Amazon, PDF)
  • bang~ — Pure Data — Edited by Fränk Zimmer (PDF, Direct Buy)
  • PD Reference Card — Karim Barkati (PDF)




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